How to remove speed dial screen from Opera 12


How do I remove the speed screen from Opera 12 so I can replace it with my homepage when opening a new tab
All other web explorer programs have an option to "open homepage when opening a new tab"
I have read through way too many pages but can not find a solution.
Some programs offer an add-on or just a simple check box in settings menu.
Any help?

Best Answer

  • In order to remove the Opera Speed Dial, type opera:config into your Opera tab. Click on User Prefs and scroll down until you find the Speed Dial State entry. The state of Speed Dial is determined by the numeric value of its setting in the following system:

    0 - Hides the Speed Dial main window on the new tab page. A small link will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. When you click on it, you will see the standard Speed Dial tab page again.

    1 - The standard view mode.

    2 - Read only mode. You cannot edit the appearance of Speed Dial.

    3 - Disable Speed Dial entirely; new tabs will display the about:blank page.

    If you want to open the home page every time, simply click Alt + Home on your keyboard when you open a new tab. Other than that, I know of no way to do so.

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