Windows – How to remove unwanted tunnel adapter connections

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I did "ipconfig" today and found about 10 network interfaces, most of them disconnected.

How can I diagnose this? Where can I remove them?


The extra network appear like this:

Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection*

Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection*

Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection*

Best Answer

How to remove the unwanted Tunnel Adapters via Device Manager:

(This solution has been tested and confirmed to work)

  • Open Start Menu
  • Type In: Device Manager
  • Select Device Manager
  • Click the View menu from the top
  • Select Show Hidden Devices (Must be check before continuing)
  • Scroll down and expand Network Adapters
  • Right-Click a duplicated Microsoft 6to4 Adapter or Microsoft ISATAP Adapter
  • Select Uninstall
  • Click OK for the pop-up warning message
  • Repeat and repeat for each of the unwanted duplicated adapter
  • Close Device Manager when finish

Credit: Microsoft Answer's Moderator Nicholas Li per this post.

Warning: It's always a good idea to create system restore point before making any systems changes.

So what is tunnel adapter?

Tunneling is how to do secure communications across an untrusted network such as the internet. If you look at "description" of each connection, via ipconfig /all, it will probably the contain either ISATAP or 6over4. Find information about Tunnel Adapters at Wikipedia.