Networking – How to resolve local domain name


My Belkin router has an option to set a local domain name, which, I suspect, allows me to address hosts within my own network using this domain. By default, this is set to be "Belkin".

Is it possible to call hosts within my network like this, e.g. ping foobar.belkin instead of ping

The thing is, my routers internal page shows all set hostnames (so dhclient seems to work) and the router itself is reachable as router.belkin, but no other hosts are.

My problem here is that the router knows each hosts name, but the hosts don't know each others name. How can I fix that?

Note: Nmap showed that port udp/53 for DNS is open on my router, but I can't find any way to configure it on the Web-interface.

Add:// It's a "Belkin F7D3302 v1"

Best Answer

In general the router won't act as a DNS server but they'll often act as a DNS proxy. That is, in DHCP they'll give out their own IP as the DNS server and then they'll turn around and hit the real DNS servers. If it's doing this then I'd think you could resolve those local, .belkin, names.

Check ipconfig /all and see if the Default Gateway and DHCP Server have the same IP. If not then enter nslookup, then enter "server ROUTER_IP" at the prompt and try to do a lookup on If that works then there's probably a setting in the router to have it give it's own IP as the DNS server that's not checked.