How to restore partitions and data after diskpart “clean” command


I was on my way installing windows 7 alongside linux installation that was scattered over 3 partitions, namely: root, home and additional big partition for data files. I was trying to install windows on 4th a non mbr empty partition that was specifically created for windows. When I booted from windows 7 DVD, I used "shift+F10" command to enter a command line interface and used "diskpart" app. While going through the disk partitions and selecting the empty volume I typed "clean" thinking that it would erase ONLY the selected volume, but instead the whole hdd drive was removed of its partitions. I could barely stand because the information on those non empty linux partitions is irreplaceable and worth months of work.

What should I do to get my data back guys?
I have 2 usb sticks, 2 external hdds, another windows laptop and internet connection.

Best Answer

I wasn't able to restore partition layout but I was able to restore all the data with R-Studio and save it on external hdd. R-Studio appeared to be a very nice app for this task.

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