How to run DOSBox in command line without opening it in a new window


how to run DOSBox using the default windows command line, (without opening it in a new window),
editing the source code of DOSBox is a solution, but i want to know if there is no other solution before rebuilding DOSBox.


is there any other application that can run 16 bit command line application in CMD.

i tried DOSBox.exe -nonconsole but it is not what i am searching for.
tried ScummVM and D-Box without results.

Best Answer

  • I don't know whether the answer will serve you. At least, I found it is possible to start DOSBox, execute commands, and exit it. This allows me to run automated tests on DOSBox via Travis CI. There will still be a window though, and it does not propagate an exit code to the caller.

    The command would be as follows:

    dosbox exit -c [your_command_here] >>log.txt" -noconsole -exit

    For this to work, you have to have a file called exit in the current directory (because exit is run last, and expected to be an external command).

    I use log.txt to get feedback from the Dos program.

    To my knowledge, it is not possible to run DOSBox without a window. It would be nice if it returned the exit code of its command shell. This should be easy to implement, I think, but would require a source change.

    I can't upvote yet but I do think this is a useful question, as DOSBox can be used for testing in a 16-bit environment. In that sense, the question would be suitable for StackOverlow, actually.

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