How to run Firefox with no tab bar, no top bar, no address bar, and not stretch to full-screen size


Yet another Firefox customization question. But this is a good 'un, honest:
Watch a lecture and take notes in iPython Notebook.

I have two different web pages on screen each in their own window (not tabs) viewing on my laptop. Since I'm using the browser based app iPython notebook in one screen and watching a video in another, naturally I wish to maximize the visible space for my video and webapp.

I'm surprised a solution doesn't come up right away in my web search, but I could be using the wrong terms.

Archlinux, Firefox v30, DWM, iPython2

Best Answer

  • Do this once in Firefox:

    • Type "about:config" in the Location bar, then search for dom.disable_window_open_feature. Sort by value to see any set to true, then double click to set to false. For instance, I changed status, resizable, and location.

    • Enable pop-ups.

    Each time you want to launch the two windows go to Tools->Web Developer->Web Console and paste in javascript commands like these:"","_blank","left=0,top=0,outerheight=768,outerwidth=675,dialog,close")"","_blank","left=675,top=0,outerheight=768,outerwidth=680,dialog")

    I've done this on OSX with pretty good results. I expect with DWM it'll work even better, but you may have to look through the docs to see which settings to use. Notice that many features default to "no" when the Window is opened like this, which is why I didn't use "location=no", etc.

    It should be straight-forward to write an html file that will launch this js code automatically:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <script>function create_windows () {"","L","left=0,top=0,outerheight=768,outerwidth=675,dialog,scrollbars,close");"","R","left=675,top=0,outerheight=768,outerwidth=680,dialog,scrollbars");
    <body onload="create_windows()">
    Close this window, or reload to reset left and right windows.
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