Outlook – How to save a mail into an .eml-file with Outlook


Outlook Express and Thunderbird both support the .eml-file format. Somehow Outlook does not.

Is there any way to save mails into into an .eml-file using Outlook (e.g. with the help of a plugin)?

Best Answer

Seems like Outlook is lacking this feature. You can save the message as MSG and then convert it to EML. This can be done with the free developer tool called MFCMapi.

  1. Save the message to Outlook Message Format (MSG) via File → Save As…
  2. Download MFCMapi,
    • make sure you use version of MFCMapi matching your OL version (x64 for x64 outlook, x86 for x86 outlook).
  3. Start it, go to Advanced → Import/Export → Convert MSG to EML.
  4. Leave all the fields to default, press OK and choose the MSG file.
  5. Save the EML file to the desired location.