How to SCP a file through an intermediate server


I'm using Ccygwin on WinXP (with the bash shell). I want to SCP a file from my localhost to a remote machine — host2. However, I can only SSH to an intermediate machine — host1, and then from there SSH to host2. (Note, I ccan't access host2 from my localhost).

I thought tunneling was my answer, but when I try to set up a tunnel

ssh -L 9999:localhost:9998 dalvarado@host1 'ssh -L 9998:localhost:1234 -N dalvarado@host2'

But after typing this command and hitting enter, the system just hangs. What is the proper way to setup a tunnel and then SCP a file after?

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Best Answer

This has already been answered best here.

To summarize: put the following in ~/.ssh/config

Host target.machine
User          targetuser
HostName      target.machine
ProxyCommand  ssh proxyuser@proxy.machine nc %h %p 2> /dev/null

and then simply scp to target.machine any time you want to proxy via proxy.machine!

Also works for ssh, so will save you time ssh-ing to the target machine too.

Credit should go to user24925 who answered this in 2011.

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