How to script making a backup of recently modified files in Bash


I have written this backup script that looks in a file and copies recent files into a folder.


# the number of days to do the backup for.

# the files to backup.

# the location to copy the file to

# preform the back up
for i in ${location[*]}
        find $i \! -name '*.class' -mtime -$days \! -type d -exec cp {} $copyLocation \;

It works but it is not that useful.

I would prefer the script to preserve the directory structure when it copies. Ie I would like it to do: cp -r from to but only copy the recent files.

Best Answer

A way would be to modify the file names that you get when running find. So in your loop, having a matched file name in $filename you shall:

  1. In $filename, replace the leading $i with nothing
  2. find out the $dir_name in the result of 1 by using dirname
  3. append a trailing $copyLocation to $dirname and use it as argument for mkdir -p to create missing directories
  4. copy $filename to "$copyLocation/$dirname"

I'm also going to suggest yet another file sync alternative: unison. It is easier to use than rsync.

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