How to scroll multiple lines (thus faster) in Adobe Acrobat Reader


When I scroll a PDF with the mouse (two-finger gesture on a laptop to be more precise) the scrolling is way too slow. I am not referring to rendering issues nor some kind of lag. Simply put, the reader scrolls line by line and therefore it requires multiple gestures to scroll just a little bit of a page. I want to be able to scroll much faster and smoothly, like one does on a HTML page (e.g. in Chrome).

I tried to search in preferences but I did not find any option. I also tried to change the number of lines that the mouse scrolls in the control panel but that did not affect the result either (in fact, it is already set by default to 3 lines there but Adobe still scrolls 1-by-1).

Any idea? It is really annoying. I want to read smoothly.

Thanks a lot!

Best Answer

For Adobe Reader XI 11.0.10 (Windows 8.1):

View -> Page Display -> Enable Scrolling