Firefox – How to search for text in all tabs in Firefox


I have a number of opened tabs and I want to search for a word in all of them (just as you would do in any decent editor on you desktop).

I found an extension Find In Tabs, but its outdated and doesn't work for recent versions..


Best Answer

if you don't find an alternative to this extension, you may still be able to use it in your version of firefox by bumping the max version. it's something I do quite a lot as I use the latest nightly builds from the trunk (3.7*) and branch (3.6.6) If an extension is relatively recent it should work in the 3.6* builds. Here's how:

  1. Open the 'find in tabs.xpi' file with a zip like utility, I use 7zip but winzip/peazip/winrar etc will work.

  2. Open the 'install.rdf' file in the archive with a text editor and find the line


  1. Replace the value of 3.5.* with the version of firefox you are using; This can be found if you open the help menu and click the about link.

  2. Save the file back into the xpi archive and close the archive.

This should now allow the extension to work in firefox.

There are other ways of doing this, for example the extension MR Tech Toolkit has an option for overriding compatibility checking. it can also be disabled in about:config Extensions . checkCompatibility - MozillaZine Knowledge Base