How to see current column/character number of the cursor position in Sublime Text 3


Maybe I've missed something and/or am using the wrong search terms: this seems like a standard feature but I can't find any such option to show column numbers in the View menu and can't find anything online beyond that I can jump to, for example character #43 on line 9 with ctrl-p followed by :9:43. Which is nice, but how can I just see which column number the cursor is on?

I'd like to enable something in the status bar or somewhere else visible that shows what column number or character number my cursor is currently on. I'm sure I used to have this feature in Sublime Text 2, which I recently upgraded from.

At least one commenter in that linked question is having the same problem, so if I've missed something obvious, it's not just me.

Best Answer

I had missed something obvious! It turns out it is enabled by default - but is hidden if the search bar is open and has matches or if anything else is causing other information to be displayed in the bottom left corner. So, just remove whatever is putting info in the bottom left corner.

For example, here I can't see the column number:

enter image description here

...because it's replaced with information about my find box matches. Empty that, or close the box, and it's back:

enter image description here