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I have 2 network interfaces. Both use DHCP to obtain ip address. First provides internet directly and second uses PPPOE connection. How to select which connection windows will use to connect to internet? I need both links to be enabled and want one with PPPOE to be my default.

P.S. I understand I can do it using console and route command but I want windows to do that automatically.

Best Answer

Go in to your network adapter properties page for the non-PPPOE device, from there click on Internet Protocol Version 4 and go to Properties, from there click Advanced to get the following window.

enter image description here

Un-check Automatic metric if it is checked and enter 100 for the value of the 'Interface metric' box.

That value should be high enough to make your computer prefer the PPPOE link if the PPPOE link has automatic metric set.

If you are doing IPv6 you will need to set the same value in the Internet Protocol Version 6 properties page too.

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