How to send automated SMS messages over the internet


Does anyone know of a service that will send SMS messages over the internet, and can be automated?

Prefer service to:

  • Be free
  • Have an API freely available and highly modular
  • Be open source

Like to avoid:

  • Expensive
  • No API, must only use their system.
  • No Customization

Best Answer

I knew of a professional service that required the end user to define their carrier, and then they converted it to the built-in email address (EX: Verizon is <10-digit phone number>

I found a (non-confirmed) list of many of the carriers here:

ATT - [10-digit phone number] @

Sprint - [10-digit phone number] @

T-Mobile - [10-digit phone number] @

US Cellular - [10-digit phone number] @

Verizon - [10-digit phone number] @

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