How to set the fan speed to 100% on a laptop


I recently purchased a HP Pavilion dv7-4031. When it's cool, it works smoothly and efficiently. However when CPU and GPU temperatures reach 60c and above, the PC starts freezing up and stuttering. I can hear that the fan speeds steadily increase all the way up to 70-80c. This is what pisses me off: I want the fan speeds to run 100% all the time, perhaps preventing the high temperatures in the first place. The way it is now, fan speeds only increase to keep internal temperatures at above 60c.

I've searched all over for any sort of speed control, finding nothing. Any help appreciated.

I have tried Speedfan. In "Fans" there is nothing listed. I took that as a bad sign. The BIOS is pathetic, and only has 4 or 5 changeable settings, including "Quickstart" and "Boot order"

Best Answer

Many people complain about overheating problem with the DV7, problems that sometimes are not even solved with cooling pads or additional fans.

The solutions range is not very comprehensive :

  1. Overheating Problem on Pavillion dv7-1270ca blames HP for poor design
  2. HP Pavilion DV7-2070eg fan noise & CPU overheating uses direct physical contact to cool the AC unit
  3. HP Pavilion Dv 7, Heat Problems claims it is a driver problem that causes the CPU to overwork. This can be easily verified using the Task Manager. In this article the Sound driver is said to be the cause.
  4. HP Pavilion dv7 notebook running way too hot recommends getting from Cool Master a 3-fan cooler that can be targeted on the hot spots, as well as another much more drastic solution:

    enter image description here