Ubuntu – How to set the Ubuntu account to super user at all times


I have the latest Ubuntu installed and I'll be the only one using it off the network. My question is: how can I make myself super user at all times?

Because when I try to delete a file it says I don't have privileges to do so. I know you are going to say it's a security risk but I'm off the network and want to learn all that I can. I don't want to delete the files through the terminal but want to do it through the user interface/explorer. I've installed LAMP and can't copy my site to the www directory. I've tried to remove the preinstalled index file and it won't let me.

Best Answer

  • I'm off the network and want to learn all that I can

    If you really want to learn all that you can, you should be doing things the proper way. Lesson 1 is never log in as root directly. Lesson two is how to use the terminal. If you're not willing to learn how to use the terminal then maybe WAMP is more appropriate for you than LAMP. Linux is a very powerful operating system, but it is not Windows and trying to treat it as such is dangerous.

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