Windows – How to set up a hotkey or shortcut to rotate the screen in Windows

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I've recently acquired a set of monitor arms that allow for free rotation of my monitors. I'd like to be able to quickly switch from one orientation to another on the fly, without having to go through the trouble of accessing the screen rotation features of the operating system.

How do I set up a hotkey or shortcut to quickly switch the orientation of my monitor?

Best Answer

With my graphics card, this approach works:

  1. Download Display (website is down as of 2020-10-11, mirrors here and here).

  2. Extract the Display.exe to a location of your choice (e.g., C:\Display.exe).

  3. Use the [right-click] -> New -> Shortcut dialogue to create shortcuts for the desired orientations:

     C:\Display.exe /rotate:0
     C:\Display.exe /rotate:90
     C:\Display.exe /rotate:180
     C:\Display.exe /rotate:270
  4. (optional) In each shortcut's properties, you can specify a Shortcut Key.