Firefox – How to set up Firefox to absolutely never to delete any history items


Is there a way to set up Firefox in a way that it absolutely never removes any items from its history (automatically)?

In the past maybe there were a 'keep all history items', then you could set it from menu to a big integer like 999999999 in days.

Since, first unnoticed, this setting was gone, I currently resolved to backing up places.sqlite (on win, in %Appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<some-profilename>\places.sqlite).

Let's say I won't upgrade without checking that my backup method still works:

How can one today set Firefox v22 to keep all history items?

I've already set these values in about:config.


still I have bookmarks older than the oldest history item in the database; although I cannot recall when I set these settings!

So is this sufficient? Are these good values? Are there other or better ways to do this (eg. an addon).

Best Answer

There is now a proper solution (Firefox v40): places.history.expiration.max_pages will override the 'optimal database size' calculations, so setting it to a large positive value should get the desired effect.

See this answer.