Linux – How to setup a WI-FI printer


I have a Samsung ML-2168W printer with WI-FI support. Currently it is connected to my computer with a USB cable. However, I have no clue of how to connect it to the network through WI-FI (with WPA). Any ideas?

Edit 2021-02-24: The question is about using the printer on Linux (as indicated by the tag), and with a modem which has no WPS button ( WiFi Protected Setup) which connects wireless devices to the modem.

Best Answer

  • If you have a WPS Router, you just push the WPS button on both the WPS router and the printer. You are on ServerFault, so I'm assuming you are running some sort of Linux OS. Smsung has a CUPS Universal Printer driver, so in the print dialog of your OS (are you using a an X desktop? You didn't say), it will find your printer once you have it connected to your network. You really didn't give enough detail to know. Ypou can find the Linux Setup utility for your printer by going to, support, and enter your printer model, then select the downloads/drivers tab, and you will find a Linux printer utility that will allow you to conect to it to connect it to your network, and set it up in Linux

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