Windows – How to shut down the computer without the update on Windows 7

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Sometimes when my Win 7 machine has programs that crashed, maybe Firefox, or IE, I would like to shut down the computer without installing any Windows update. That's because I worry that if IE or Firefox crashed, the system is not in a very stable state, so I would rather install the update later.

But it seems I only have 2 choices:

1) Shut Down and it always will do any Update
2) Restart, and no update is done

(these are 2 choices among the shut down / log off option)

So is there a way to Shut Down without doing the Update? Or must I restart first, and then do the Updates, and then Shut Down?

One reason is that, if you are going to catch the bus or catch a plane, you want to shut it down and go. You don't want to wait an extra 5, 10 minutes for it to update, and you don't want to restart either, because your goal is to shut it down.

Best Answer

You can press Ctrl + Alt + Del and choose shutdown from the bottom right menu. It will not install updates if shutdown from this interface.

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