How to slow down audio files?


I need a program (with an easy learning curve) that lets me slow down mp3 (at the very least this format) music and audiobook files. The software needs to be able to slow down the audio at the chosen speeds without altering the pitch and accuracy of the words being pronounced. Perhaps like the language software "Byki Deluxe's" "SlowSound" feature? I'm learning a foreign language (German) and I find the speeds at which the books are being read too fast. I need to hear the pronunciation of each word much more clearly to learn how to pronounce the words myself.

Is there such a product out there? Now, I know you can slow down stuff in VLC but it sounds really artificial. I need something that slows down audio files without altering the accuracy of the words being pronounced.

It doesn't have to be freeware; ease of use and quality is more important to me.

Win 7 64-bit. IE 8.

Edit: Are there any software-for-pay like Audacity? Only the beta works in Win 7. Also, I'd prefer to be able to slow down a file live and not have to create a new file to use the feature.

Best Answer

  • As Raystafarian notes, audacity has a feature called Change Tempo which promises to change the tempo of the recording without adjusting the pitch. I assume this is the effect you're looking for.
    Please note that (as soandos noted in the comments) this does in no way generate a more detailed recording. The recorded information is constant, this just changes how it is played back (and, thus, can make a recording sound slower).

    For further reading, there's also the Wikipedia article on Audio timescale-pitch modification.

    If you don't like audacity, this feature isn't exclusive to that application. There are even Winamp plugins that can do this. I'm pretty sure there are several more options.

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