Google-chrome – How to sort bookmarks by date in Chrome web browser


Chrome is somehow missing one of the most basic features you would expect on a web browser: sorting bookmarks by date. Is there any way around this issue besides not using Chrome? I love Chrome but I have thousands of bookmarks.

Best Answer

Chrome Bookmark Manager does allow users to sort bookmarks by name, but it only allows you to do this for one folder at a time.

Chrome Bookmarks Sorter is a handy tool (for Windows) which will allow users to sort bookmarks recursively by name or date added through all of your bookmark folders.

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To recursively sort bookmarks in Google Chrome, close all Google Chrome windows and launch this application, select the parameters you want to sort the bookmarks as, and click on the Sort Bookmarks button.

The utility will take care of reordering the bookmarks as you have chosen. Chrome Bookmarks Sorter is a portable software.