Windows – How to speed up the Smart Location Bar (Awesome Bar)


The Firefox Awesome Bar is indeed awesome. But, lately I see that it has become slow. On entering some characters it even freezes for a few seconds (freezing the entire browser).

Why does it slow down? Is there a way to speed it up?

(The OS is Windows XP.)

Best Answer

  • You could VACUUM the SQLite databases that Firefox uses to store it's history and other data. Vacuuming optimizes the database tables inside the files. That speeds up Firefox and saves you some disk space.

    To vacuum the Firefox database files:

    1. Find the Firefox profile data directory on your system. On Windows Vista, it could be somewhere like C:\Users\tom\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\default.jqi\. The directory contains files with the .sqlite extension, so you can find it by searching for those.

    2. Get the SQLite command line utility here.

    3. Close all Firefox windows. Open a command line in the profile directory.

    4. On Windows, type in the command for %i in (*.sqlite) do @echo VACUUM; | sqlite3 %i On Linux or Mac, run for i in *.sqlite; do echo "VACUUM;" | sqlite3 $i ; done

    5. Defragment your harddrive.

    Google Chrome actually uses SQLite as well, except it doesn't give the files the .sqlite extension. You can still safely run the same command for all the files in the Chrome profile directory and SQLite will only VACUUM the files it recognizes.

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