Windows – How to start a program as administrator through a pinned to taskbar shortcut, through one of the “recent” files

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I'll try to explain my situation:

I am a developer and use Visual Studio. I always want to run Visual Studio as administator. I have pinned a shortcut to the task bar and in its properties set it to start Visual Studio as administrator. This works fine.

When I right click on the pinned shortcut, I see a list of recent and pinned solutions. I usually open Visual Studio by clicking one of those pinned solutions.

When I click one of those recent or pinned solutions, I do not get a UAC prompt. I remember that before I would always get this (at least, I think I remember).

Is there anything I can do to make Visual Studio run as administrator when I click on those recent or pinned solutions?

Best Answer

I found this page by looking for something as trivial as to set up a task bar shortcut to always run the command prompt as administrator.

Richard's answer will work with programs that are not considered to be part of Windows' install (i.e. Visual Studio here), but probably not for stuff in C:\Windows\System32 for instance.

Luckily you can set Run as administrator option from the shortcut in this case.

  1. Right-click the shortcut in your task bar
  2. Right-click the program's name (say Command prompt for instance)
  3. Click on Properties
  4. Click the Shortcut tab
  5. Click the Advanced... button
  6. Check the Run as administrator check box
  7. Click the OK button
  8. Click the previous OK button