Windows – How to start certmgr.msc for computer account


I can start individual Management Console snap-ins by starting them directly without going through starting mmc.exe and selecting the snap-ins I want.

However, for certmgr.msc selecting in MMC gives me the option to load certmgr for the computer account, which is usually what I need. How can I load certmgr for the computer account from the command line?

Best Answer

Save the .msc file to a file share and just call the UNC.

What I did was create the .msc file (as answered above) but I saved it to a network resource. When I go to the next server, I can call the UNC via the RUN and done the local computer's certificate manager opens up as the Computer Account too. I tested it across a couple different IIS boxes and found it was indeed unique and the computer's account.