MacOS – How to stop Mac to convert typing double dash to emdash


I think it's a Mountain Lion thing, when you type – (dash) twice, it becomes — (emdash). When you type tm, it becomes ™ (trademark symbol). Or when you type three . (dot), it becomes … (elipsis). Some are useful, some are very annoying. Overall, I want to stop that. How can I achieve this?

Best Answer

(on Sierra 10.12, this is now in the Keyboard control panel)

Go to the system preferences and choose "Language & Text"

enter image description here

In the "Text" tab you will find the list of substitutions.

enter image description here

If you want to stop -- from being turned into (emdash) you need to use the + button and add a new rule to replace -- with -- (replace with itself)

Or, right click in a text field and go to "Substitutions" and disable "Smart Dashes"

Stupid Dashes