Google-chrome – How to stop previously closed tabs from opening upon Chrome re-open


For some reason every time I open Chrome it opens a bunch of closed tabs from previous sessions. For example, I may have 10 tabs open during a session. If throughout that session I close 5 of the tabs and at some point after that I close Chrome, the next time I open Chrome all 10 tabs will open. It pretty much opens all tabs that I had opened at any time during the previous session. A lot of times I will close all but one tab and then close Chrome. Then the next time I open Chrome it may open 20 tabs (all tabs I visited in previous session). Under the "On Startup" settings I have "Continue where you left off" checked. I am using Version 54.0.2840.99 m (64-bit) on Windows 10.

I have tried everything I can to figure out what is going on. I have tried searching every possible combination but all I get is how to re-open previously closed tabs or something of the like. I have tried re-installing Chrome. I have disabled/deleted all my extensions. Nothing seems to help.

I am kind of thinking that it may be connected to the "X tabs" listed under the History>Recently Closed section of Chrome settings. Sometimes there are multiple groups of recently closed listed there. For example there may be 5 pages listed as recently closed and then there may be a "3 tabs" and then a "5 tabs" and maybe a "2 tabs" listed as well. I am thinking/wondering if maybe those "X tabs" are being re-opened when chrome opens.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Best Answer

Open Chrome settings. Open Advanced. Scroll all the way down to System and turn off, "continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed."