How to switch colors using keyboard shortcuts in GIMP


I'm making screencasts (like the ones on Khan Academy) with GIMP as a virtual blackboard.

Right now, switching foreground colors is a bit of a hassle–I have to move my pen over to the palette in my toolbox, click on a color, then move my pen back over to the image window. This takes time, especially when switching colors rapidly.

How can I assign keyboard shortcuts to colors in my palette, so I can access them easier?

Best Answer

In my case (which brought me to your question) D for resetting and X for swapping colors is sufficient. Combined with O you can maybe set up some nice workarounds.

Default Colors

By default, GIMP sets the foreground color to black and the background color to white and it can be surprising how often you want to use these two colors. To reset these colors quickly, just press the D key. Also you can easily swap the foreground and background colors by pressing the X key.