MacOS – How to troubleshoot problems sharing internet connection via WiFi on OS X


I am at a hotel, plugged into their network via Ethernet on my MacBook. I want to share the connection via WiFi to two other computers. I went to Prefs > Sharing and set up internet sharing. I know it's working because my friend with a Mac can access the net. My friend with the PC can see the network, but can't connect to it. In the sharing prefs, airport options, I chose these options:

Channel: Automatic
Enable encryption: yes
WEP Key length 40-bit
password length: 5 chars (as specified in the instructional text)

Update: I tried it with encryption turned off, and it works. Of course, I'd rather not do that…

Any ideas?

Best Answer

  • You more than likely need to enter the full WEP key rather than whatever 5 characters you've chosen for a password.

    To clarify using the same example as is given in the linked article: if you typed "apple" into the password field the Mac gave you, you're going to need to enter "6170706C65" on the Windows machine.

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