How to tunnel port 25565 through SSH


I want to play a game which is hosted on port 25565 (minecraft!), but my university firewall does not allow this port.

I have a dedicated server running linux not too far from uni, so I think there's a way to tunnel through it (but I've never done this before and have no knowledge/experience of tunnelling)

It would probably be slow, but it's better than not being able to play at all. Is it possible to do using only SSH, or do I need other client/server software? My server has OpenSSH installed. Also, the computer I'm using to play the game is running Ubuntu.

I've tried searching but there seem to be so many different solutions to different types of problem =/

Best Answer

The simplest way is to use putty (Client Side APP). You should not need anything on the remote side except firewall rules to allow out going connections


  1. Within putty setup a new connection to your unix box.(Add the host details etc , don't connect yet)
  2. Once that is all setup go to Connection -> SSH -> Tunnels in the putty tree view.
  3. Next enter 25565 into the source port and leave the destination blank.
  4. Finally select dynamic on the first combo box.
  5. Make sure you save everything then finally click the open button

This will create a tunnel on port 25565 locally to any destination on the remote site. This also assumes that you can tunnel a minecraft connection (you might need to set your IE settings to use the the SSH tunnel as well since games sometimes use this if they cant get a connection)

If you cant tunnel minecraft by default use a app like proxy cap to force all out going connections through the tunnel.