How to turn off screen on remote computer with LogMeIn

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I'm using log me in to remotely connect to a computer, however, when I do so, the screen turns on (its a laptop, so no chance of physically unplugging it), and if people are where the computer is, they can see what I do (and even mess with the computer!).

This caught me off guard the first time I realized it was happening, since I was used to Remote Desktop functionality, where the computer being access gets locked (and thats what I was expecting).

I've dig through the options, but I can seem to find something to get this done.. anybody knows how?

Best Answer

  • You can no longer change this locally while sitting at the host computer - you can only make the change while in a Remote Control session to the host computer. During the session, on the black toolbar/ribbon that runs along the top of the Remote Control window, click Options, and you will see "Lock keyboard" and "Blank screen."

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