Windows – How to type en-dash and em-dash in Windows 7/8

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I write blog posts, and I often need to type en-dash (–) and sometimes em-dash (—) in my blog posts. Currently I keep these characters saved in a text file, and copy-paste them whenever I need them. Unnecessary to say, it is a headache to move between keyboard and mouse when you type large texts.

It would be better for me if there ware a keyboard shortcuts available for these two characters. Is there a way to type en-dash and em-dash in Windows? I use Windows 7 and Windows 8 in different computers.

Here's an aligned comparison of dashes, if you need to see the difference for some reason.

  1. Here's-dash
  2. Here's–en-dash
  3. Here's—em-dash

Best Answer

If you have a numpad, turn numlock on and use Alt + 0150 for en-dash and Alt + 0151 for em-dash. That is keep Alt pressed and type the numbers on the numeric keypad.

EDIT: As @gronostaj points out, this works with only left Alt.