How to type pound sign(£) using US keyboard, in Windows, Linux and Mac


I have dual boot configuration with Fedora and Windows XP. Keyboard is normal US standard keyboard. Now that I am working for a UK based client, I need to use pound sign quite often. Currently I am copy pasting it, and it is a bit annoying. If it is possible to type pound sign using US keyboard, then that will be great. Please post any method you know other than copy pasting.

Best Answer

For US Keyboard:

  • Windows:

    1. Alt+0163 (on numpad with Num Lock on)

    2. Alt++ (numpad)a3

  • Mac: ⌥ Option+3

  • Linux:

    1. Compose L - / Compose - L

    2. Control-Shift(hold down) then ua3

To enable Windows 2., set the registry keyHKCU\Control Panel\Input Method\EnableHexNumpad to 1 (REG_SZ) and reboot.