Windows – How to type zero-width space character (U+200B) on a laptop keyboard


There is a very similar question to this one already (How can I type U+200B character?) but all the answers are about how to type this character on a PC keyboard with a num pad which is not my case.

I use Czech (QWERTY) layout but am willing to switch to English (US) layout if necessary.

How do I type this character (U+200B) on a laptop keyboard without a num pad?

Edit: I want to do this on Windows, without a Fn key if possible. If the process of "typing" it involves MS Word, copy/paste from some website or anything else that is easily doable on a standard Windows laptop, I'm fine with that too.

Best Answer

You could just use the Character Map program, built into Windows. It lists all characters for each font installed on the system, and lets you select one and copy it to the clipboard. In fact, I use it to reference all the keycodes to type them, otherwise, but when I'm on my laptop, it's handy just to be able to copy the characters from that program.

It's available in the Accessories start group, or by running charmap.exe.

You can copy U+200B like so: