How to uninstall Skype


The old way of uninstalling a program doesn't apply anymore. That is, Skype is not listed under Control Panel > Uninstall a Program.

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I did a little googling and I found what some people said was a solution for them.

run powershell as administrator
Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.SkypeApp | Remove-AppxPackage
alternatively ...
get-appxpackage *skype* | remove-appxpackage

That logged me out of Skype but Skype is still there, launching at startup.

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I do not want Skype. I want it off this computer like I would want a ceti eel out of my ear. That Microsoft obfuscates and changes the removal process to this degree concerns me.

Best Answer

The reason of Skype not appearing in the the list of installed programs (the one found in the control panel) is the fact that it is a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app. These apps can be uninstall in the modern settings app by navigating into Apps -> Apps & Features. There you can select the unwanted app and press the uninstall button.
Another way is to search the app in the start menu and selecting Uninstall in the right click menu.
Normally there is no need to use Powershell (only stuff like the Xbox app needs to be removed that way)

Note: If an UWP App (an App from the Windows Store) gets uninstalled it will be instantly removed. However if you have .lnk of that UWP App on your Desktop and launch it the app will simply be reinstalled and starts itself. This means if you have the modern Skype in your "Autostart" folder Skype will reinstall itself when you login and then start itself. An .lnk to an UWP app looks like this:

Notice how the target is simply the apps name.