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Well, I am putting multiple =IF functions in a particular cell in Excel 2010. The Value if True part of the function is A18*0.5, however when I put more =IFs in the cell then the Value if True is basically ignored, and so it just says TRUE instead of my selected value, if it is true.

=IF(F2>=6,A18*0.5) =IF(F2=5,A18*0.6) =IF(F2=4,A18*0.7) =IF(F2=3,A18*0.8) =IF(F2=2,A18*0.9) =IF(F2=1,A18)

There is one less argument, which is the Value if False. I tried to get rid of that, to see if everything in the argument would be fair but it's still the same result.

Just to confirm, if cell F2 says anything higher than 6 (including 6 itself) than it will say the function of =A18*0.5, and if it isn't, it will say the respected =IF function in the cell.

How can I accomplish this?

Best Answer

It looks as if you want to nest your conditions:


Note that in your specific case you could simplify to


No more nested formulas ;-)

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