Windows – How to write a localized NTFS boot sector

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Little unknown fact: NTFS boot sectors come in different languages. They can say "BOOTMGR is missing" and "Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart", but they can also say the same thing in other languages. This depends on the locale of the Windows system you are using when you create and format the partitions.

Due to a malware messing around, I had to rewrite the NTFS boot sector of my system drive, which was hiding a rootkit; I did this using the bootsect.exe tool on the installation DVD, the same italian-language installation DVD I used to install Windows originally; there was also a nice bootsect.exe.mui file in a it-IT folder around there. But the tool was speaking English, and my NTFS boot sector is now speaking English, too (and, of course, it didn't before).

I know this is a purely cosmetic thing, but I'd like to know: how to create a localized NTFS boot sector (without re-formatting the partition in a localized system, of course)?

Best Answer

  • Different messages come from different places. But if you replace the boot files, like bootmgr, BCD (from a system with the exact same boot configuration), bootsect.dat, boot.sdi, or whatever combination of files that you have, I think you'll find the messages in your chosen language.

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