How well does GnuCash cope with stock and investment tracking?


I am used to MS-Money, but need to make a move at some point?

Will GnuCash:

  • Automatically update stock prices
  • Cope with stock splits
  • Cope with stocks in more than one currency

What investment functions I am used to in Ms-money is missing form GnuCash?

Best Answer

  • This question has sat for a while, hasn't it? I converted from Money to GnuCash a few years back, and am very happy with it, though I don't do a lot of investment tracking (just a few funds and a few stocks). I don't find it as easy to use to enter transactions, a bit more fiddly than Money was, but it does everything I've needed. It is supposed to be possible to set it up to import share prices, though I haven't even tried that. The current version of the manual can be downloaded as a PDF file from the website, and here's a direct link to the Investments chapter:

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