HP EliteBook 8560w SATA compatibility


I know that HP EliteBook 8560w/8570w supports SATA III capable chipset. But this particular chipset has SATA III and SATA II capable channels.

I wonder which channel has HP used to connect the hard disk?

The thing is that I'm considering this notebook and I already have a new Samsung 830 256GB SSD that would be used to its maximum potential only on a SATA III channel.

So does HP EliteBook 85x0w connect hard disk over SATA III or SATA II channel?

Best Answer

  • The manual doesn't say anything about supported SATA speeds... As per the posts in the owners lounge here

    port 0 and 1 are Sata 6Gbs, port 2 (eSATA on the dockingstation) is Sata 3GBs

    Another mention of SATA III here where the owner actually tests a Crucial M4 in this machine.

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