HP Laptop won’t boot into Windows 7

windowswindows 7

I turned my laptop off with a hard button press while it was trying to hibernate and now it won't boot up into Windows 7 (x64). I get a blue screen with the following information:

Stop Code 0x000000ED

I have also tried booting up in safe mode but it hangs on the classpnp.sys.

Can somebody provide a solution?

Best Answer

This error indicates exactly what it says - the boot volume couldn't be mounted. This may be due to file system corruption, a problem with the bootloader pointing at the incorrect partition, a problem with the physical connection to the drive, or even a problem with the drive itself mechanically.

My guess in this situation would be that your timing of the power down was lousy and your Windows partition has some problems. See if you can run a chkdsk on it and maybe if you're lucky it'll be able to fix it for you.

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