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I recently bought a new laptop (HP Omen 15-ax280nd), which is awesome for everything except for one crippling issue: Whenever I disconnect the power brick (making it run on battery power) I get a BSOD within 5 minutes (the exact delay differs every time).

The BSOD error code is


I already tried the following:

  • Run Windows Update (everything is up-to date)
  • Enrol the device in the Windows Insider programme (preview and slow rings)
  • Use HP support assistant to update drivers
  • Reset drivers to original
  • Uninstall drivers
  • Disable Windows from powering down devices when on battery power
  • BIOS is up-to date

The issue happened on two separate laptops (both an identical model), both directly after installing Windows, and after installing all my usual programs.

It happens both on Windows 10 Home x64 and Windows 10 Pro x64. Both versions in nl_NL and en_US.

I also already contacted HP about the issue, they helped me run a hardware diagnostic and remoted in to check some software settings, they also suggest that I return the laptop.

This issue does not occur in safe mode or on a Linux live CD.

The store has offered for me to get a refund or exchange it for another laptop, but I really like this one so would prefer to resolve this issue instead.

dump files

  • First file, I get this whenever I unplug my laptop from the power adapter.
  • Second file, My laptop apparently crashed in my bag on my way home.
  • Thid file, I get this whenever I try to update the graphics driver, regardless of whether or not my laptop is plugged in.

Best Answer

After contacting HP support for several days, they were able to resolve the issue by updating my BIOS to version F.35.

I'm not sure when this BIOS was released, since at the time of posting I cannot find it on their site. However, they sent me a link to their FTP server to download it.

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