HTML5 video player stutters even after video is loaded


I am using jwplayer to display videos on my websites but cannot manage to make them running smoothly. They stutter, especially in full screen, although I wait for the video to fully load.

I tried decreasing the video quality from by decreasing the bitrate from 3000k to 1800k (I use ffmpeg to convert the videos). The resolution of the videos is 1280×720 (HD).

Any tips what should I try next? Thanks

== EDIT ==
I tried displaying the same videos forcing jwplayer to use flash instead of html5, and with flash the videos played fine – so the problem is not with the videos themselves.

Best Answer

There might be tons of reasons for your problem; to name the few:

  • limited bandwidth
  • web server issues (congestion, throttling)
  • low memory on client
  • bad flash/browser compatibility
  • bad video encoding

Each of them requires checking and then the whole question can be asked with more detail - you might even stumble on the solution by going through the checklist.