Mac – Hyper-V Virtual Switch issue: Same IP on guest and host

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I have Hyper-V installed on my Windows 10 laptop and have configured a Ubuntu VM on it. Ubuntu network adapter is connected with the external virtual switch I have created. With this configuration I would expect that the host and the guest should get different IP address from DHCP server. However they are both getting the same IP and I can't pinpoint the cause. Below are the print screens of virtual switch, network adapters on host, host network status and guest network status.

Here it's the virtual switch configuration

The network adapters on the host

Host configuration. Notice MAC and IP

Guest configuration. Notice MAC and IP

Can anyone see what's wrong in this configuration? Also, what should I change so both the host and the guest get their own IP and are presented independetly on the network?

Best Answer

Some DHCP servers always assign the same IP address to the same MAC.

Since your upstream is a regular (non-WDS) Wi-Fi connection, it can only have one MAC address – not multiple. The only reason Windows even allowed you to put it into a bridge is that it performs L2 NAT (arpnat) for you, rewriting your VMs' packets on the fly.

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