Linux – I broke the MBR/Windows doesnt let me reformat!


I was trying to solve this and i used partimage to restore the MBR from a file. It completely wrecked my partitions. I now have 3, a 100mb, a large one and a 9mb. Windows XP complained and Windows 7 got an error trying to format on the middle drive. I then tried to install on the middle drive and it didnt allow me.

I cant install an os! how do i fix this?!


I tried

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot


bootsect nt60 ALL /force

no luck, i still cant repartition it.

Best Answer

Windows must be installed on the first partition on the drive. It sounds like you have a few little partitions before it. Windows 7 and vista creates a little partition for its own use right before the primary partition where windows is installed. Either way... when you install windows... it needs the first part of the drive in order to work properly.

There are probably two little partitions now because windows 7 had one from the initial install. Now that you tried re-installing on the middle partition, it created another little partition right before it during the install process. Thus you have two little partitions.

If you want to reformat... delete the two little partitions and merge the space with the main partition (or just delete all partitions) and then install.