I have nice headphones. Need a wireless USB microphone so I don’t have to switch to a headset to make a call


Right now, I have a pair of Sennheiser HD595 headphones. They are plugged into a DAC/headphone amp. I spend all day listening to music through them and they sound awesome. Then, for making calls, I have a wireless USB headset from Logitech.

Problem is, I can't make calls when I'm wearing my Sennheisers but I wouldn't want to listen to music all day using the Logitech headset. So I spend my day switching in between.

So the question is, how can I make calls while wearing the headphones of my choice?

One thing I thought of is a wireless USB microphone that I can clip to the Sennheisers. So I'd wear the Sennheisers with this mic all day and ditch the Logitech headset. But it doesn't look like anyone makes a microphone like this.

By the way, I would love if the solution didn't transmit the sound of my clacky keyboard or noisy wood flooring.

Best Answer

  • It sounds like you're looking for something like a "ModMic" - it's a headset mic designed to mount in a modular way to any existing pair of headphones. You adhesively stick a very small magnetic attachment point onto the headphones, then you magnetically snap on the mic itself when you need it.

    It sounds really good for a headset mic, with great directionality (cancellation of unwanted sound), and it's quite cheap (~$42USD). If you tie the cables for the mic and headphone together, it's no more annoying than the single headphone wire you have already. When you want to get the mic out of the way of your face you can really quickly & easily re-snap the mic arm into a vertical position (like a regular headset mic).

    From what I can tell from listening & online research the static magnetic field of the attachment point doesn't affect the behavior of the magnetic coil (ie the sound) in your headphone speaker at all; I've been using a ModMic with a pair of Sennheiser HD 25-IIs for probably 3+ years now and it's worked perfectly that whole time.

    A company called Antlion makes the one I use; there might be other brands around.

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