I have (Possibly) Extraneous partitions, can I delete them


I have an Acer Aspire 5732Z that is currently dual booting W7 and Ubuntu. It is partitioned into 3 primary partitions and 1 extended one that contains 4 logical ones. I am completely sure that the extended partition and the W7 partition are necessary how they are. The other two primary partitions are called "SYSTEM RESERVED" and "PQService".

I have heard about being able to remove PQService, but it all seems rather confusing and overly risky, deleting the MBR and hoping that Windows can recover.

Is there a way I could safely merge the two extra partitions, or a safe way to delete PQService? I want to make another partition for a Mac OS X installation, but Gparted says that I already have the limit. I have also tried to resize the extended partition and add a logical one to it for Mac, but it contains all of the Ubuntu files, and is unumountable, I don't know how to do it in windows.

Note: I have Plenty of space on my drive, I just reached the partition limit.

Edit: I don't have a functioning cd/dvd drive 🙁

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Best Answer

  • Do not remove the "system reserved" partition, or else Win7 will not boot.

    You could remove the "pqservice" partition IF AND ONLY IF you first burn backup/recovery CDs or DVDs, which will allow you to restore or initialize a (new) harddisk later on. The procedure for this would be under "recovery management" in the User's Manual.

    Rather then use Win7 or Ubuntu as you have tried, I prefer to boot GParted from a LiveCD, in order to ensure no partitions are in use (i.e. mounted).

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