Windows – I locked the settings in the windows 10 Lenovo BIOS by changing the BIOS settings to default

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I had opened my Lenovo BIOS menu to enable virtualization settings. I had seen from videos that a lot of people's virtualization settings were under the security tab, but my mine weren't. I thought mine were not under the security tab because I hadn't set a password for system power up and BIOS password.

So I made a password for both, but my virtualization settings still weren't showing up under my security tab. Then I went and tried to restart my computer again, and then open BIOS again, but whilst doing that I found out that my passwords for my sytem power up and BIOS password was a bother, I clicked on the default settings for BIOS button (F9 for me), as I thought that this would restore my BIOS settings to before I had made the two passwords.

After I had restored the default settings, every single setting was locked, and I could not change a single setting. I found out that my virtualization settings was actually under the CPU tab, but I could not change it. When I first bought my computer I have had it installed and set up by the company I bought it from.

How do I revert this and be able to access and change my settings freely again?

Here are the specifications for my PC:

  • Model: Lenovo Legion Y520 Tower
  • CPU model: i3-7100
  • Chipset: Intel B250
  • RAM: 8GB DDR4
  • Storage: 1TB HDD 7200RPM
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Best Answer

I FOUND THE SOLUTION: I forgot to mention that the only thing i could change in my BIOS was my power up password, but i couldnt delete it, because i needed to type in my administrator password first, but i couldnt figure out where.

So i tried to type my administrator password in as my old power up password, but i still weren't able to delete my power up password (Keep in mind that i thought it was because i had installed a power up- and administrator password, that i couldnt unlock my bios menu).

Then i tried to reboot again, and i this time tried to use my administrator password instead of my power up password when booting up my computer.


I was able to change my bios settings completely freely again. I know this was a very simple fix, and everyone in here probably would have been able to figure out the problem if i had went in to even more detail, and for that im sorry, for wasting everyone's time aswell.

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