If the motherboard does not support UEFI BIOS, can I still use GPT for non boot drives


I have a server whose motherboard does not have UEFI, so that means the OS must be installed on an MBR table. MBR has a limit of 2 TB, so I'm wondering if I can install Windows Server on a boot drive that's less than 2TB and have multiple other drives that are higher than 2TB (non boot drives). Can I have multiple partition tables in the OS like that? with no UEFI, will I be able to install multiple drives greater than 2TB? Does BIOS matter when installing non boot drives at all? I'm not planning on doing RAID, but if I do raid, does this mean all drives must be 2TB max due to the boot drive only being 2TB?

Best Answer

  • Non-boot GPT disks are supported on BIOS-only systems

    It is not necessary to boot from UEFI in order to utilize disks partitioned with the GPT partition scheme. Therefore you can take advantage of all of the features offered by GPT disks even though your motherboard only supports BIOS mode.

    With Windows, as you've already observed, the only restriction of concern is that you must boot in UEFI mode if you want to boot from a disk partitioned as GPT.