In Sublime Text 2, how can I indent out to a straight column with multiple cursors on a ragged edge

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Suppose I've got multiple cursors along several lines, like this:


How can I automatically push the whitespace at the end of each line out to a flat edge, like this?:

foo    |
barr   |
foobar |
baz    |

(In these examples, | is supposed to be my cursor.)

When you just Tab or Space from the initial arrangement, you get this:

foo    |
barr    |
foobar    |
baz    |

That's useful, but not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for some kind of keyboard shortcut that will let me indent from a ragged multi-cursor insert out to a straight column.

Best Answer

You could use wbond's Sublime Alignment

It may require you to add this to your settings file (Preferences>Package Settings>Alignment>Settings-User:

// The mid-line characters to align in a multi-line selection, changing
// this to an empty array will disable mid-line alignment
"alignment_chars": ["=", "|"],
// If the following character is matched for alignment, insert a space
// before it in the final alignment
"alignment_space_chars": ["=", "|"]

Replace "|" with whatever character you want to align.

Edit: As mtoast has found out, adding "\n" to "alignment_chars" gives the desired effect. Adding the new line character to "alignment_space_chars" is probably not needed and may delete the text. However, with my limited tests I did not see a difference.

Hold control and click at the end of each line. Then press the alignment hotkeys (For linux the default is ctrl + alt + a). You will find that the cursors are lined up with the furthest cursor position.

Edit2: Adding newline to "alignment_space_chars" will delete text if you highlight a block of text and Sublime Alignment can't find something else to align on the line (like a equal sign).

Also, if Sublime Alignment can't find something else to align, adding newline to "alignment_chars" will pad the end of lines with spaces (or tabs depending on your settings) to match longest line highlighted.