Increase the font size on Sublime Text 2 status bar


Is it possible to increase the font size on the Sublime Text status bar? I did some searching and didn't find much at all on the subject. I sometimes miss important information displayed in the status bar simply because its so small I don't notice it.

Best Answer

Select Browse Packages… (menu location is OS-dependent, it's in Sublime Text 2 » Preferences on OS X), and enter the Theme - Default directory. Edit Default.sublime-theme to set a font.size value for the element with "class": "label_control", e.g. like the following:

    "class": "label_control",
    "color": [255, 255, 255],
    "shadow_color": [24, 24, 24],
    "shadow_offset": [0, -1],
    "font.size": 18.0


Screenshot of large status bar

If you installed other themes, you need to change them instead, of course.